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Pet Rescue Blog by a pet blogger and dog owner is an informative website designed to help pet owners by sharing the knowledge of the pet industry.

Prevention is better than cure, This is true for animals as well as people. At pet rescue blog we are helping you to keep your pet healthy, happy and active. We are rescuing pets by publishing on Pet Holidays, Behavior and Training, Health, Food, Recipes, Products, Gift Ideas, Holiday Celebrations, and Pet Owner Stories.

What do you expect to learn more about your pet and the animal world? If you love the world of animals, in this dog blog you can discover a multitude of advice, photos and videos produced by experts and other members of the community. In addition, you can post comments with your own doubts, advice, photos of your pets and more so that other users can also learn and thus, among all, get the animals to live in a better world. Share, recommend and, above all, learn.

Pet Rescue Blog is the reference website, where you will discover quality content prepared by several professionals in the sector, such as veterinarians, canine handlers and educators, ethology specialists, veterinary technical assistants and specialized journalists. Our philosophy is based on respect for animals, responsible ownership, education based on ethology and the defense of animal rights. We also support the adoption of dogs and cats and, for this reason, we collaborate with various associations, foundations and animal protectors.

Veterinary information, positive canine training styles, encyclopedic information, care of pets, or information prior to the adoption of animals are some of the topics that you can find here. Pet Rescue Blog surprises with a wide variety of topics and stands out mainly for its veracity since the entire content of the site is reviewed and validated by professionals and experts in animals. In addition, whenever necessary, the articles include bibliography so that users and other professionals can also access useful and quality content related to the animal world, as well as verify the authenticity of the information.


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