Best Cat Breeds for Beginners: a Comprehensive Guide to Choose

Best Cat Breeds for Beginners
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People are said to be divided into two distinct categories: “dog” and “cat” ones. This thing is both true and false and we can explain why. It is very limiting to say that some people are subject to dogs, in the sense that they could only deal with this animal, get along with Fido, have affinity only with him; while others are identical, but towards the cat.

In reality, the need to adopt, take care of another living being, and love it has nothing to do with feeling. it is a vocation, and if you feel it, you feel it, regardless of what type of pet it enters a part of your life. It is true, however, that “canaries” and “cats” can be easily recognized, because they have very peculiar distinctive characteristics. In fact, dogs and cats are not very similar.

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There are those who are born in this regard with a certain harmony with the little cats. These people, however, do not know that mutual attraction is not enough to get along with love and agreement (as in human relationships).

it takes a lot of commitment, perseverance, practical spirit, responsibility, intellectual but also emotional maturity. In practice, one must be ready to become a parent and try to gain experience immediately, because a cat could also prove complicated to manage.

For this reason, we have decided to list the cat breeds for beginners, that is, the most tender, most accommodating, easiest to treat that exist in the world. Basically, we’ve prepared a list of amateur-proof cats. You are unlikely to have problems with these furballs.

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Top 10 Best Cat Breeds for Beginners

Despite the fact that cats are, by far, the most popular pet in the world (true story, there are more than eighty million of those furballs that run here and there across the planet), our feline friends receive many bad reviews.

The “haters” assume that cats are selfish and hostile and will not give their owners as much love or affection as it is known they are able to give dogs. There is nothing more false. If you are also of this opinion, we will change your mind.

This misconception starts from the deeply rooted belief that cats do not appreciate the company of humans. And while, yes, some cats can be loners and maybe even a little “grumpy”, there are actually a lot of breeds that love (and even seek) attention from us.

According to American Scientific, cats have literally learned to meow in a certain way, with a certain tone in order to imitate the lament of our children, so that humans felt compelled to take care of them. Their ability tells us two very important things about them, namely that:

  • they are quite intelligent
  • show a real desire to spend time with us

If you are thinking of taking a cat (if you are reading this article, this is probably your intention), why not choose an easy-going and easy-to-manage breed within the four walls of an apartment? Obviously, all cats are worthy of being adopted and deserve our unconditional affection, but we have discovered that there is a type of cat for beginners.

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The best cat breeds for beginners are, thanks to their calm behaviors and their cuddly personality, perfect anyone who wants to share their life with a small feline: even the most experienced cats could find it comforting to spend time with these cats.

Here are the beginner cat breeds that are also the most cuddly in the world.

1. Ragdoll

Ragdoll | Cat Breeds for Beginners

Ragdoll is a well-balanced cat with no eccentric features. It is a medium-large, moderately long-haired, blue-eyed cat. Ragdolls have a slow maturation and therefore reach the hair and color at about three years. Ragdoll is an affectionate and intelligent cat, who always moves in a very graceful way.

All about His Temperament

Docile, polite and congenial, ragdolls are ideal companions for the in-door. One of the most beautiful characteristics of these cats is their relaxed and sweet personality. They are completely wrapped in silky fur and have delicate white legs. They easily tune into the habits and feelings of their humans.

you will find it in front of the front door, when you return from work, to warmly welcome you, relax with a massage and print a basin on your forehead to say goodnight. If you have had a bad day, it will curl up in your lap to offer you comfort. You would never find a better friend.

They are playful cats, ragdolls, but not hyperactive. Known for its ability to adapt easily to almost any environment, it gets along well with children and adults, as well as with dogs and other cats. They can be trained to stand out on the counter and are affectionate without being overly demanding.

They have soft and polite voices, even at dinner, although they are famous for their enthusiasm for food. One thing that ragdolls don’t have, however, is immunity to pain: if you accidentally step on their tails, they scream at you and look at you with reproach, just like any other cat.

2. Maine Coon

The Maine coon is solid, robust and can withstand a harsh climate. A distinctive feature of this cat is the long, bristly coat. This breed is well proportioned, has a balanced appearance, and has adapted to various environments.

All About Maine Coon

No race has a monopoly on love and affection, but there must be a good reason why the Maine Coons have made their way in these years: they were an endangered feline breed, but today they are the second most popular of America. Maine Coon fans claim that its popularity is due to the breed’s large size, intelligence, lush coat, tough disposition and devotion to its human family.

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Maine coons are very good kittens, “great gentle giants” who always play until old age. They can also be reserved with people they are unfamiliar with (they are too smart to trust anyone). This initial adaptation period is actually a well thought out choice: the Maine Coon is deciding whether its new humans seem trustworthy. As soon as he decides, however, he forms close ties with the whole family and becomes loving and devoted.

Most want to be near you, but not on your lap. They are true family members and participate in all family rituals. As befits an ex-seafarer, Maine Coons are fascinated by water (other than repellency), perhaps because their thick coats are practically waterproof (yes, that’s right, incredible).

Some may even try to reach their humans in the shower, or at least they will walk on the wet floor after exiting. They prefer to stand on the edge of the tub, however, and touch the water with a curious paw.

3. Siamese

The ideal Siamese is a medium-sized cat, slender and refined with long tapered lines, very agile but muscular. Males can be proportionally larger. Balance and refinement are the essence of the breed, in which all the parts come together in a harmonious whole, although it does not have any significant characteristics that can stand out.

All About Their temperament

Some cats seem to think that purring or a friendly rub is worth a thousand words. Siamese do not belong to this school of thought and is known for their talent in clearly communicating their ideas and desires to their “human servants”.

If you can’t get involved in the dialogue, they are happy to hold a monologue to illuminate your little Neanderthal man mind. No insignificant meow ever comes out of their mouths their verses are real attempts at communication.

According to their fans, Siamese are the most wonderful, loving, and fun cats in the universe. They are very intelligent, self-confident, playful, determined, curious, and very active. They love their human companions with passion; living with Siamese is a bit like living with extremely active children. Except that these “children” follow you everywhere, asking to be involved in whatever you are doing.

Resolutely social and very dependent on people, Siamese craves active involvement in your life. They are super smart and, if you don’t give them something to do, they will find it for themselves (and you may not like your hobby very much).


This breed needs daily periods of play and interaction. it is essential for the Siamese’s emotional and mental health and well-being. They should not be left alone for long periods, this is not a breed that you can pamper for five minutes and leave alone for twelve hours.

The Siamese will become sad and depressed if left alone too often and maybe destructive of his frustration. The feline companionship of another Siamese or a relatively active breed will help keep a lonely Siamese happy while you are away, but there is no fetish that can replace you. Also, remember that two Siamese represent a double risk at home.

This breed is not for those looking for a quiet companion: Siamese must be treated patiently and require a lot of attention and affection. However, Siamese are generally good pets and are tolerant of children at least eight years old, provided that children are taught how to properly handle cats and not to play too violently.

4. American short-haired

American short-haired
American short-haired | Cat Breeds for Beginners

The American shorthair is a real working cat breed. The general effect is that of a strongly built cat, well balanced and symmetrical with a physicality that indicates power, endurance, and agility.

All About This Bread

In describing the short-haired American, the English expression that means “happy half” comes to mind. These American cats are of average size, build, type, and temperament: they are neither too large nor too small; not too cuddly nor distant; neither lazy nor hyperactive pandas.

The American shorthair is the perfect breed for those who want a cat that has fun on its lap but not on its face. American shorthairs are known for their adaptable temperament and quiet voices; they are sociable, easy to train, and adapt well in the presence of other animals and children.

They generally do not like being picked up: like their fellow pilgrims who left England to find freedom, they appreciate their independence. Historically, the American shorthair has been considered a working cat. Short-haired Americans have a lot of fun with their favorite humans, but they can also have fun with a paper ball.

They tend to remain active and playful even in their old age. ASHs also have a strong hunting instinct and have fun catching and killing mice if they have access to the great outdoors (but no trainers will ever encourage you to let it go).

5. Sphynx

Sphynx | Cat Breeds for Beginners
Cat for beginners: the sphynx (Photo Unsplash)

The most distinctive feature of this cat is its hairless appearance. The sphynx is medium in size and has a surprising weight for its size. The body feels warm and soft to the touch, with a skin texture similar to a soft peach or smooth nectarine. Sphynx is good-natured, lively, and susceptible to too many handling.

Info About Its temperament

To say that sphynx are lively is an understatement: they perform formidable athletic performances, similar to those of circus monkeys, in order to attract your attention. Very devoted and loyal, they follow their humans around, shaking their tails and purring with enthusiasm for the joy of being close to their beloved humans.

They require your unconditional attention and are mischievous (and adorable) like children. And despite all this and their alien appearance, they are really cats, with all the mystery and charm that has accompanied them since ancient times. Although sphynx may not be suitable for everyone, its unique appearance and charming temperament have allowed it to conquer a good number of adoring followers.

6. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold
Scottish Fold | Cat Breeds for Beginners
Beginner Cat: Scottish Fold (Photo Unsplash)

Scottish fold is a spontaneous mutation of farm cats in Scotland. The breed was founded by crossbreeds between short-haired British and domestic cats in Scotland and England.

Scottish Fold Temperament

Scottish folds are generally intelligent, quick-tempered, calm, and easily adapt to new people and situations. They are loyal and tend to bond with someone in the family. While they will usually allow others to pamper and caress them, their primary attachment quickly becomes clear as they locate their chosen human being.

They thrive when they receive attention, but always on their terms. Despite their devotion, they are not sticky, demanding cats and usually prefer to be near you rather than on your lap.

Despite being folded, the fold’s ears can pop up occasionally, especially if someone is opening a nearby food box. The crease in the ear can become less pronounced when the cat is angry or ill.

Although some members of the fold family report increased production of wax buildup in their cats’ ears, folded ears do not make the cat more susceptible to mites or ear infections. The susceptibility to hearing loss may be related to the fact that some early Scottish folds were white and the white cats may be prone to a type of deafness unrelated to fold gene.

7. Somali

Scottish Fold
Cat for beginners: the Somali (Photo Unsplash)

The general impression of the Somali is that of a well-proportioned medium-large cat, with a strong, agile muscle development, which shows a lively and lively interest in all environments, with a predisposition to human contact.

All About Somali

Don’t take a Somali if you want a cat who can be pampered with excessive cuddling or if you want a cat who can be alone in the house all day. With all the virtues of the Abyssinian and adorned with a splendid semi-long coat, the Somali is a beautiful and rowdy addition to any family.

Like the Abyssinian, the Somali is vigorous and animated, has an acute sense of feline humor, and a real need for play. Indeed, everything is a game for a Somali: many prefer to chase a ball all along the corridor and then beat it up and down, carry it around until they are completely exhausted.

If the ball rolls under a piece of furniture from which they cannot retrieve it, then they will come to you and show you a wide-open gaze or touch you gently, so that you can get up to help them in the recovery mission. Feather rods and fishing rods are a big hit.

They are highly intelligent, which contributes to their talent getting into trouble. The Somali is active, curious,and in a good mood and loves to go around the house, opening the wardrobes and, why not, even risking to break something.

Their voices are soft, their minds active and their food dishes always empty. They also tend to be determined: once you put something in your head, you can’t dissuade them. They are not warlike, only tenacious.

Somalis are people-oriented and show a lot of affection. When you relax on the sofa, they prefer to be near you rather than on your legs. They won’t, however, be involved in every aspect of your life.

Open a drawer and your Somali will be there to peek inside and even insert a curious paw inside. Somalis are the best home entertainment you can buy and are more like people than cats: small, furry and hyperactive people. Very energetic and in a good mood, Somalis play like kittens until old age.

8. Persian

Beginner Cat: Persian (Photo Unsplash)

Persian is a well-balanced cat, has a sweet expression and soft, round lines. This cat has large spaced round eyes and a huge round head. The long hair often softens the cat’s lines and accentuates the roundness in the appearance.

Information on his temperament

If you want your cats to bounce like microwave popcorn, don’t adopt a Persian. Persians are perfect companions if you like placid and easygoing cats. Don’t count on using your Persian friend as a hairy doorstop, however. They love to play in relaxation brackets, lying on your favorite sofa. Proponents say that Persians do not deserve their reputation as “fur furniture”: they are intelligent but not nearly as curious as tome breeds, and not as active.

The Persians are devoted to their humans, but they can be selective in conferring that honor. You have to earn their trust and love. They want affection and pampering, but they won’t molest you for attention as other breeds do. However, they will make their feelings known if they do not get the necessary amount of attention.

Persians require significant commitment over time. That beautiful coat requires daily treatment to keep it in good condition and free of knots. You may need to take it from time to time to a professional groomer.

9. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is often a colored cat with a distinctly popped hair, medium in size and very regal. Agile and muscular, he shows a keen interest in his surroundings. It is often well balanced from a physical and athletic point of view.

Information on His Temperament

Abyssinians are not for those who want a cat who likes to be taken and cuddled with excessive violence. Although they can often be brave, curious, and in a good mood, when they feel harassed, the Abyssinians tend to try to free themselves.

This does not mean that the Abyssinians are distant or independent; they are typically affectionate, devoted, and cuddly with their human companions. In fact, they will follow you from room to room to keep an eye on what you are doing.

They are very happy when they are actively involved in the usual rituals of all family members. They are particularly involved in dinner, for example. The Abyssinians regularly perform antics for yours and their enjoyment, gaining the reputation of clowns from the kingdom of cats. They could perch on their shoulders, crawl under the covers and sit next to you purring madly before running away to hunt imaginary butterflies and leap on the highest shelves in the library.

They are natural athletes, no closed rooms or closets are safe from their agile legs and inquiring minds. Vocally they tend to be silent. They purr with great enthusiasm, however, especially around dinner time. If you have to stay away all day, you may want to consider providing a feline company to entertain your Abyssinian. If you work all day and have an active social life at night, an Abyssinian may not be the cat for you.

10. Sacred cat of Burma

Sacred cat of Burma
Cat for beginners: the sacred cat of Burma (Photo Unsplash)

A cat full of mystery and legend, the Burmese is a colored feline with long silky hair and four pure white feet. It often seems a little squat. Its distinctive head has strong jaws, firm chin, and medium length nose.

Information on His Temperament

Burmese are affectionate, kind, and faithful companions with an air of dignity that seems to encourage the worship of their families. As former temple cats, Burmese seem to have become accustomed to worship. They are very intelligent and affectionate, according to some, they are often very people-oriented.

They will generally greet visitors with curiosity rather than fear. Because of their gentle temperament, Burmese are generally easy to handle: taking care of them is simple and they are ideal pets for anyone who wants peaceful companions who offer love and affection.


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