900+ Best Bird Names for Budgies, Parrots, Cockatoos and More

Bird Names

Birds are very delicate animals that require special care and attention. Some species, such as parrots, parakeets and cockatiels are among the most beloved animals, if you take a look at your neighborhood, it is quite possible that you will find someone with one of these birds at home.

If you are thinking of adopting a bird to keep you company, remember that they need a spacious, clean cage with toys that they can peck to distract themselves.

Talking to your pet in a gentle and calm tone makes the socialization process easier, so it’s a good idea to choose his name early. This will help you understand when you are addressing him or not.

We know that choosing the name can be a little difficult, so we brought a list of 900+ best bird names.

We have listed many beautiful bird names for girls, boys, birds of different or multiple colors, and definitely a list of top 10 unisex bird names.

There is more than enough choice and therefore something for everyone! Even if you like angry bird names, you are guaranteed to find a nice name on our site.

Bird Names for Girls

When choosing a name for your pet bird, give preference to short words, which have between two and three syllables. Very long words are more difficult for animals to memorize and make them not understand when we are addressing them.

Bird Names for Girls
Bird Names for Girls

Avoid names with repeated syllables, as this makes the sound uniform. Another tip is also to discard monosyllables and words that resemble commands like “no” and “come”.

It is important that your pet can distinguish the sound of his name and know when you are talking about him or directly with him, so prefer high-pitched sounds that stand out from the rest. Birds also find it easier to understand words ending in loud vowels.

If you can’t think of a name that you like and it’s easy for your bird to decorate, this article can inspire you. Thinking about these tips, we made a list with 21 Bird Names for Girls, with fun and elegant options, who knows, maybe you won’t find one that catches your attention?


Bird Names for Boys

Talking and singing to your bird is a great way to interact with it, holding your attention and making them happy. Remember that this type of animal is very connected to sounds and, therefore, has fun paying attention to our tone of voice when we speak.

If you are thinking of taking a male home, we have a selection with Bird Names for Boys, surely one of them will please you.

Here is the list of 10 famous bird names for boys

Bird Names for Boys
Bird Names for Boys
  1. Coco
  2. Rico
  3. Ricky
  4. Sam
  5. Max
  6. Eevee
  7. Jinx
  8. Noodle
  9. Zazu
  10. Sammy

Baby Bird Name

Baby Bird Name
Baby Bird Name

Keep your new companion in a room that is not too cold or too hot, as extreme temperatures are bad for birds and make them very cold. When you want to please the pet, you can offer him dark fruits, vegetables, and greens, like almond, they will love the treat!

If you are looking for a baby bird name, here are almost 28 names for you to choose the best name for your baby bird.


Angry Birds Names

Red is the main protagonist of the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2009. Further angry bird names including yellow birds are listed below.

Angry Birds Names
Angry Birds Names
  1. Anakin
  2. Bomb
  3. Chuck
  4. Ezra
  5. Luke
  6. Lard Vader
  7. Matilda
  8. Hal
  9. Skywalker

Parrot Names

Parrot Names
Parrot Names

Is the name of your parrot in our top 10 popular bird names? Or maybe you are looking for a nice name for your parrot, parakeet, gray restart, or macaw? I hope our Parrot Names table has enough names you’ll choose one from here.


Parakeet Names

Here we list parakeet names for the male and female bird. I hope you will to choose one of the beautiful names of these lists.

Parakeet Names
Parakeet Names

Parakeet Names Male

  1. Axel
  2. Blue
  3. Boris
  4. Ciro
  5. Eagle
  6. Aiko
  7. Claw
  8. Etna
  9. Frisky
  10. Cock
  11. Haiku
  12. Iago
  13. Kim
  14. Leo
  15. Max

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Parakeet Names for Female

Are you looking for a nice name for your female parakeet? Here are 39 Parakeet Names for Female, I hope one of these will enough appealing to you.



If you wanna choose a good unisex bird name for your parakeet, you should visit here

Cockatiel Names

Cockatiels are very funny birds with very specific fur, so many people who take one home like to choose a name full of presence and that matches the species of the animal. Thinking about it, we made this list of cockatiel names, with words that emphasize the colors, down and behavioral characteristics of this species.

Cockatiel Names
Cockatiel Names
  1. Beaks
  2. Betty Blue
  3. Birdy
  4. Booby
  5. Lemon
  6. Coco
  7. Jelly Bean
  8. Kiwi
  9. Preen
  10. Pretty Boy
  11. Puff Daddy
  12. Rainbow

Pigeon Names

Pigeon Names
Pigeon Names

Pigeons have accompanied humans since ancient times. According to biblical stories, it was the white dove that predicted Noah about the end of the flood. The domestication of these birds is believed to have started as early as 5,000 years ago.

Below is the list of pigeon names. You can use these names while selecting baby Pigeon Names.

AndrewAngelAngry birds
ArtemisAuzzieBig Al
Big BlueBillBilly


Bird Names by Color

Nobody can deny that birds are among the most fascinating animals in the world. It is surprising to see them in flight with their wings spread in the wind.

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Color is one of the main characteristics to choose the best name for your bird. Here we list 5 lists of bird names by color.

Red Birds Names

Red Birds Names
Red Birds NamesBill
  • Angry birds
  • Candy
  • Clyde
  • Fred
  • Jonah
  • Lacey
  • Polly
  • Red
  • Tide
  • Zara

Names of Yellow Birds

If you bring a yellow bird to your home and looking for a good name for him, we have listed the top 10 names of yellow birds bellow.

1. Amber
2. Goldie
3. Maize or Maizey
4. Pickles
5. Sage
6. Sweetpea
7. Taffy
8. Toffi
9. Yeller
10. Yellow

Blue Bird Names

Some tutors like to choose names for their pet birds that emphasize their natural beauty, inspired by their colors or physiognomy. If that is your case, we have separated some options for blue bird names, all related to the name of the color and objects that have this shade.

Blue Bird Names
Blue Bird Names
  • Azure or Azura
  • Blue or Blu
  • Blueberry
  • Celeste
  • Kai
  • Oceane
  • River
  • Sapphire
  • Skye or Sky
  • Teal or Teale

Green Bird Names

If you have a little bird with greenish feathers and would like a word that has something to do with the color when baptizing it, we made a selection of green bird names, all very different and full of presence.

  1. Amber
  2. Gumby
  3. Leonardo
  4. Michelangelo
  5. Olly
  6. Greeny
  7. Green Bean
  8. Mint

Big Birds Names

  • Dalmatian pelican
  • Andean condor
  • Trumpeter swan
  • King penguin
  • Dwarf cassowary

Names of Small Birds

Names of Small Birds
Names of Small Birds

Who doesn’t love having a fantastic hero as a pet? There are really many names that you can borrow from the most famous historical and legends.

It can be difficult to decide what to call your small bird. To help you choose, we list top 15 Names of Small Birds for ideas of names for your pet birds, complete with their meaning.


Unisex Bird Names

  1. Alaska
  2. Antea
  3. Amber
  4. Bora
  5. Beautiful
  6. Beer
  7. Crete
  8. Cherry
  9. Candida
  10. Diva
  11. Dora
  12. Dolly

Famous Bird Names

We list about 900 plus bird names in this post. Here in this section, we list the top 15 Famous Bird Names for you.

  1. Angel
  2. Baby
  3. Buddy
  4. Charlie
  5. Kiwi
  6. Lucy
  7. Mango
  8. Max
  9. Peanut
  10. Sammy
  11. Skittles
  12. Sunny
  13. Sunshine
  14. Tiki
  15. Tweety

Frequently Asked Questions about Bird Names

What is a good name for a bird?


What is a good name for a girl bird?

There are several names listed for girl birds, you can see here

What is the name of a blue bird?

Top 5 blue bird names are listed below

  • Azure or Azura
  • Blue or Blu
  • Blueberry
  • Celeste
  • Kai

for further, see here

What are good names for parakeets?

Best name for a parakeet is ‘Max’, for further parakeet names including make and female parakeet names here

What should I name my male bird?

The best name for the male bird is ‘Zazu’ for further male bird names, check our bird names for boys

What are some cute bird names?

  • Kiwi
  • Lucy
  • Mango
  • Max
  • Peanut

Do birds learn their names?

Yes, they know the names you call him.

What should I name my lovebird?

  • Sunshine
  • Tiki
  • Tweety

What is a good name for a yellow bird?

1. Amber
2. Goldie
3. Maize or Maizey
4. Pickles
5. Sage
6. Sweetpea
7. Taffy
8. Toffi
9. Yeller
10. Yellow

Keep in mind that if you want to help us with other original and nice parrot names, we would be very pleased. What’s your favorite name? Which one did you choose from those we suggested? Write it below in the comments, or through the AnimalPedia Facebook page: we will be very happy to add your names on the list!


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