Cat In Heat – How To Identify and Help Her

cat in heat

Pet parents have doubts about whether it is better to have a male or female pussy at home, precisely because of the inconvenience that the cat in heat could cause.

Some people say that the estrous cycles of cats are a little more intense, so if you have a new kitten at home and you want to be prepared for her entry into adulthood, we will tell you everything you need.

How do I know if my kitten is in heat?

You will notice it immediately because the changes in your cat’s behavior are quite evident. First of all, let’s talk a little about the age and period in which your pet is ready to enter the reproductive stage.

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Specialists assure that a cat can go into heat at an age between 4 and 6 months, however, some factors influence her reproductive behavior:

  • The weight of the pet.
  • The breed of the pet.
  • The season of the year of your birth.

First of all, veterinarians assure that a kitten is ready for her first heat when she reaches about 80% of the weight that corresponds to an adult feline. We are talking about 2.5 kilos, approximately.

Short-haired cats tend to be more prone to more frequent and intense estrous cycles than pets that have long hair, and believe it or not, your kitty’s date of birth will have a lot to do with the arrival of her first heat.

A kitten born in mid-summer could take up to a year to have her first heat, unlike a pet born in the fall or winter. This has to do with the arrival of the seasons where there is more light and the days are longer.

Is the zeal of cats related to light? 

Indeed, your cat tends to go into heat more frequently during spring or summer. Coincidentally the hottest times of the year and in which there is more light.

Ethology experts mention that this is usually the preference of cats because they instinctively feel that they will have more food to support their young. Thus, you will notice that your lover will be much calmer during the fall and winter and that the chances of having your cat in heat are very slim.

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The characteristic meows of the cat in heat

One of the most characteristic things about your cat in heat is her unique meows. However, this is a behavior that also varies greatly from one pet to another. There are really noisy minions when it comes to announcing their estrous cycle, while others just meow.


The vocalizations of a cat in heat are for the sole purpose of alerting other cats to her condition. If your pet lives in an apartment, you can be calm, but if you have raised it at home, the chances of other kittens starting to haunt your home are higher.

You will see that these profuse meows, in some cases really pitiful, are not the only symptoms that you will perceive in your kitten if it is her first heat. Pay close attention to his behavior in general, because the changes will be noticeable.

Symptoms of a kitten in heat 

The good news is that your cat in heat, unlike a bitch in the same conditions, will not bleed. This does not mean that their reproductive stage is imperceptible, in fact, some people claim that it is much easier to identify than that of canines.

First of all, during the initial phase, you will see how your pet becomes more affectionate. You will see her wallow on the floor, rubbing herself against the furniture, and extremely attentive to the males of the home. This not only includes other cats, but it also targets men and dogs.

Your pet will try by all means to get your attention and you will see how many times it raises the back of its body, adopting positions that it does not do under normal conditions. If you pet her, she will likely expose her genitals, as it is a totally instinctive reaction to her reproductive state.

It is very likely that your pet will become a bit disorderly with the use of the litter box, urinating more frequently and in unusual places. You will also notice a decrease in appetite and more activity during the night.

How to help your cat in heat?

The best thing you can do for your kitten in heat is to spay her soon, just in case you have no breeding intentions. If despite this, you still have not decided to operate on your pet, there are some things that could alleviate it during its estrous cycle.

It is likely that your pet’s vocalizations cause you some anxiety or stress, but taking into account that it largely requires your attention, try stroking or brushing it, avoiding excessively rubbing the back of its body.

How to help your cat in heat?
How to help your cat in heat?

The heat calms her down, which is why some specialists suggest providing her with an electric blanket and even putting a hot water bottle on her bed. Monitor the weather forecasts before having this attention, because in cities like Santiago the temperatures are usually very high during the summer, even for your pet!

Some synthetic pheromones can go a long way in keeping your cat in heat relaxed. However, before resorting to these types of alternatives, we advise you to consult with your trusted veterinarian.

Keep the litter box clean to motivate her to use it, even if she has the instinct to poop out of place to get the attention of other cats.

Myths about the sterilization of cats

Many people are convinced that a cat should not be denied the right to have at least one litter. They argue that the pet could become depressed or have an alteration in its character, however, this is far from the truth.

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As with female dogs, spaying the cat at an early age helps a lot to prevent future diseases, such as tumors in the breasts or infections in the uterus. If you operate on your kitten before the first heat, the chances of her suffering from breast cancer are reduced to 5%.

Remember that the heat of cats can be quite annoying, not only for the pets you have at home but also for the people who live with the animal. Controlling the reproduction of your pets is the duty of every pet parent.


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