The Netherlands is the first country to no street dogs

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The government has taken many measures for the welfare of dogs

The Netherlands put in place some time ago a great policy for no more than there are stray dogs. For several years they have put in place many laws and services for citizens to ensure the well being of dogs and no more than there are stray dogs in the streets of the country. Because we must know that at one time there were many.

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To understand what happened, we must go back to the 19th century when the dog population was very important in the Netherlands but where rabies arrived and caused many deaths. Frightened, many people gave up their dogs.

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In recent years, the Dutch government has taken a number of measures. At first, it made available free to dog owners who desired a castration/sterilization service to stabilize the number of dogs. The punishing laws abandoned pets have also been passed and taxes store breeds buying were revised upward to push people to adopt dogs in shelters.

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Through communication campaigns, little by little almost a million dogs have been adopted in shelters by families. Today dogs are accepted in many public places and rare are families who do not have dogs. We can really speak of great success for these Dutch policies.

What do you think of these decisions of the Dutch government? 


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